Coaching Competencies for leaders

Why a leadership course from Erickson?

Erickson has been an international leader in Coach Training since 1980. Over the years Erickson has been approached by numerous leaders looking for coaching techniques as an add-on to their already existing leadership skills within their workplace. 

For this specific reason, Erickson has created the course Coaching Competencies for Leaders with an appreciation of the reality that leaders face today. This short but impactful course focuses on training fundamental coaching techniques applicable in both a one-on-one and team setting.

The course develops coaching competence as a leadership tool, resulting in confident and balanced leadership. By immediately applying the learned concepts with direct reports, peers and colleagues, the knowledge is  transferred within the organization, and a coaching culture emerges.

Coaching Competencies for Leaders also allows leaders and their organizations to create a shift from a ‘command and control’ approach to an accountable coaching culture. Organizations and teams will discover and realize better communication, reductions in crises and conflict,meaningful employee engagement, more productive work performance and improved business results. The content and format deal with real cases and scenarios. Solution-Focused coaching is used as a fundamental tool to address these situations. Leaders from all levels of different organizations are welcome to participate in this program to deepen their leadership competence, share their knowledge, and grow with other exceptional leaders from around the globe.

This course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 19.75 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units (13.5 of them are ICF Core Competencies).

Organization coaching

Designed around how the human brain works, the latest research in organizational change theories and systems from cognitive psychology, Erickson organizational coaching programs are based on Solution-Focused Principles and Outcome Oriented Coaching, providing a real and relevant connection between work and core values.

5 results you can expect from Erickson’s Organizational Coaching programs:

  • Accountability for action, outcomes, and results
  • Improved team performance and morale
  • Retention of top performers
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity
  • Solidified bench strength
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